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Forklift and Heavy Equipments Training

Forklift & Heavy Equipment Training courses are for those people who wish to start a career in or are currently working in as excavation and construction equipment operators. You will gain knowledge on using a vehicle for lifting and carrying heavy loads e.g. forklift truck. These trucks and equipments are used to lift and move materials to a short distance. Forklift trucks have become a key element of manufacturing and warehousing operations. There are many different types of forklifts used in the manufacturing and warehousing industry.

The courses mentioned below will help you gain extensive knowledge on forklifts, their capacity, usage and ways of manoeuvring and handling different forklift trucks & heavy equipment. Employers organising such trainings show their “duty of care” for their employees and that they have done their part to make sure their staff is trained and qualified.

A certificate of completion will be available for you to print at the end of each course.

Course Name Hours Price
Sit Down Forklift 2* $49.00
Stand Up Forklift 2* $49.00
Pedestal Mounted Crane 2* $49.00
Overhead Crane 2* $49.00
Rough Terrain Crane 2* $49.00
Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift 2* $49.00
Boom Truck 2* $49.00
* Indicate course duration. The course is not for credit hours

Sit Down Forklift – $49

Sit Down Forklifts fulfil a need to move materials too heavy for workers to carry. Its vehicle frame protects the driver from objects that may fall onto the vehicle. The Sit Down Forklift training course will provide extensive knowledge on its physical & safety considerations and on how to operate and maintain it properly.

Stand Up Forklift – $49

A Stand Up Forklift demands a completely different way of you moving around and operating it. Learning to manoeuvre a Stand Up Forklift is very important for maintaining the safety of yourself and your surroundings. In this training course you will be able to learn the basic operating standards and proper safety rules to operate a stand up forklift.

Pedestal Mounted Crane – $49

A Pedestal Mounted Crane can be used for loading and unloading freight, movement of materials or assembling heavy equipment. These cranes are commonly employed in the transport and manufacturing industries. The comprehensive training of pedestal mounted crane will provide for a better understanding for safely using this heavy equipment.

Overhead Crane – $49

An Overhead Crane is more commonly found in an industrial area and is also known as a bridge crane. It is mostly used for either manufacturing or for maintenance applications. The Overhead Crane training will help you gain technical knowledge and outline specific operating standards and safety regulations required for handling heavy equipment.

Rough Terrain Crane – $49

A Rough Terrain Crane is a multi-purpose crane used on mostly uneven surfaces at construction sites. Employers are responsible for making sure their employees are trained and certified for minimal incidents or mishaps to occur at a work site. OSHA’s regulations require proper Rough Terrain Crane training for new and old employees. Upon completion of this course, you will have gain a better understanding of safely dealing with situations that may arise using this equipment.

Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift – $49

Aerial lifts, which is a means of cable transport, are used mainly in mountainous territories where roads are very difficult to build and use and also have a substantial use in mining. Scissor lifts are platforms that move only vertically which are primarily used to reach places that are very high. Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift training course both are provided according to OSHA and ANSI required safety concepts and procedures. The training documentation helps to build workplace safety knowledge and reduce the number of careless accidents. Lift vehicles are complex pieces of machinery which require a considerable amount of training related to specific workplace hazards linked to operating elevated work platforms.

Boom Truck – $49

Boom Trucks, also referred to as knuckle booms, are most commonly used by electric and phone companies to work on aerial wires and by fire fighters to reach a high roof line using the vehicles long extendable arms that lift the workers. Boom Truck training is required by OSHA for Boom Truck operators. Along with initial safety classes, OSHA requires Boom Truck operators to be re-evaluated every three years to check competency.