Confined Space Entry Training 8-Hour – $159 | Hazwop Training

Confined Space Entry Training 8-Hour – $159

Those employees working in confined spaces, area of limited space and accessibility, are the right people to take up this training course. Confined spaces could be those that have a potential for a specific hazard to be present, allowance for only one person to perform a task assigned, restricted means of entry and exit, or those areas that are not designed for continuous occupancy. Examples of those areas are: inside of a fluid storage tank or boiler, a utility tunnel, a septic tank with contained sewage, etc.

Confined Space Entry Training is based on permit-required confined space standards on the OSHA 1910.146. Along with the characteristics listed above, permit-required confined spaces may have one of the following or more: potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere contains material that may have potential for engulfing an entrant, has an internal configuration that can trap an entrant, or may contain any serious safety or health hazard.

Employees working in the following line of work should seek to take up the Confined Space Entry Training:

  • In the Construction Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Utility and Speciality Industry

The main learning outcome of the Confined Space Entry Training Course is:

  • Identifying confined space
  • Use of proper equipment
  • Hazard training and personnel requirements
  • Permit-required space program
  • Rescue and Emergency services
  • OSHA regulations.

A certificate can be printed from your computer upon completing of this course.